Testimonials for Fit Over 50 with Dorothy Waterman


I've been with Dorothy since 2013. I haven't always been as serious as I am now about my workouts or nutrition. She has been a patient coach throughout my journey and has always been on my side, rooting for me and encouraging me to get stronger every step of the way. Whenever I have had questions about fitness she always offers an explanation that makes sense to me. Our workouts are always over before I know it because we always have such a good time and she makes it fun. I never feel like I'm "working out" even though after I always feel more accomplished because Dorothy always challenges me physically and mentally. If I did not have Dorothy in my life pushing me I don't think I would have been able to accomplish my 60+ pounds of weight loss. I have more to go but I know I'll be able to achieve it with Dorothy in my corner." 

Brittany Brayton

"Dorothy has helped strengthen my back so that I am no longer bothered with my lower back pain.  I also had trouble with my legs that bothered me a great deal; that is now a thing of the past.

Carolyn L. Brewer

Dorothy contributes a great deal of personal experience and continues to keep up on the most current training techniques.  She has a flair for making training interesting and fun.

Robert G Watkins III M.D.

Center for Orthopedic Spinal Surgery

Dorothy has trained both of us (husband & wife) for several years and does a great job. Most of her clients are advanced in age, and her exercises are always age-appropriately tailored to each person's condition. She keeps up to date by attending numerous workshops. We would strongly recommend her.

Sheldon Halpern

Attorney at Law

Motivating, encouraging, caring and sensitive to each individual's needs

Susan J. Long

Dorothy makes continuing education a priority in all aspects of her life and continually adapts to the changing demands of the fitness field

Paula B. Toshima

Athletic Director Pasadena Athletic Club

Vim, vigor, and vitality: I get these 3 "V"s from Dorothy

Betye Burton

92 Years Old

A bad knee drove me to seek relief through surgery. As the surgery is elective,  I had time to prepare. Dorothy Waterman, who has been my trainer for over 7 years, was tremendously helpful in strengthening the leg around the knee before surgery and in the recovery and rehabilitation afterward. The surgery took place a year ago on July 2nd. Within 8 weeks I was practicing my putting, and playing golf again 10 weeks after the event.  Dorothy also helped and encouraged me to lose weight. I had reached 220 lbs. and am now back under 190 lbs. and holding. I highly recommend Dorothy as a trainer. 


Dorothy takes fitness seriously as both an accomplished athlete and trainer with an exceptional ability to teach

John Richards

Owner and General Manager Pasadena Athletic Club

Ms. Waterman has been my personal trainer for the past 5 years, and she has literally ‘saved my life.’  Her techniques in weight training and personal development have transformed me from a lethargic, overweight individual to a thin, muscular, and healthy member of this community

Darrell G. Brooke

Attorney at Law

Dorothy is fantastic.  She has been working with my 92-year-old mother for years with an invaluable program of strength and balance, keeping my mother safe and strong.  My mother has renewed vitality; her workouts with Dorothy are a critical component of her quality of life.

Sigrid Burton


Since I started working with Dorothy my strength has improved immensely and my body has toned up.  I have learned to appreciate the need to work on flexibility and balance.  The best thing about Dorothy is her continued interest in working with older adults to keep them fit and strong, an interest that most trainers don’t share. We “baby boomers” are living longer so we need to be living better! Thank you, Dorothy! 

Joan Wood

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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