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Shoulder Strength Basics

Strong shoulders are healthy shoulders! Watch this video for the basics!

Perky Posture Pays Off!

Yes, in so many ways, good posture does pay off!  When our spine, neck, and head are adequately aligned, we move more comfortably and efficiently.  We breathe more deeply, and our mood is uplifted. We feel younger and more energetic!  We can feel better by simply reminding ourselves to pull our chin back and in, lengthen the spine and pull the shoulder blades back and down each day.  I guarantee it. Let these two videos help you on your journey toward a perky posture that does pay off! 

The All-Important: Glutes

Let’s talk about the glutes; we need strong glutes. Without functional glutes, we cannot walk or get out of our chairs or beds. We are unable to climb stairs or use the bathroom without active glutes. A few minutes a day can be helpful to add strength to our glutes. 

Watch and try it!

Taste of Tai Chi

Feeling grounded?

Tai chi has been a wonderful experience for me.  I learned it during our quarantine time from Diane Bailey. Creator of Open the Door to Tai Chi.   I became a certified tai chi instructor, and I have been enjoying teaching it and learning more from other teachers as well. Through the gentle and flowing movements, I have discovered a well of calm I didn’t know I had!  While teaching is demanding, I find it centering and relaxing. In my past life of competition, I never considered relaxation as a priority.   I now find it essential to my emotional stability!


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